Need that getaway? Get luxe right at home

Hump day getting you down? Didn't get to go away on the long weekend? Well, there are ways for you to get that beach-like indulgence right at home. There's no need to hassle with traffic and the weekend crowds just to get a massage or book a spa appointment.

The first step? Look to your bathroom and try our tips to turn this little space at home into a mini spa. And don't worry about needing a huge bathroom or any fancy equipment, all you need are a few spa-like tweaks.


If you have a small bathroom or a limited space, a minimalist style can help to make a room seem bigger, while infusing a serene, restful feel. Paint your walls with soft or earthy palettes such as gray or green to provide a zen effect.

 Also, take some time to clear all that overflowing clutter -- old toiletries you've hoarded for years, makeup you've kept since high school (seriously, bin it!). Visually, having clear and dust-free shelves and surfaces will instantly calm your mind.


If you still need to keep some toiletries, try organising these items in clear glass jars. These will look visually better, and at least you know where everything is. Try also to install a massage shower head, as this won't take any extra space but would be an absolute delight to have. And to treat your weary tootsies? Give yourself a good old calming foot soak with a medium-sized basin filled with warm water and your favourite bath salts.


Your rejuvenation journey won't be complete without aromatherapy, since scents are proven to boost your health and mood. For instance, the easiest and fastest way to wake our brains up in the morning is to shower with peppermint-scented soap. Need a good night’s sleep? Lavender and jasmine lotions will surely come in handy. 

And if you have a bathtub, put it to good use and take some time out with a calming playlist on YouTube or Spotify, and your favourite scented candles. Have fun blissing out, Dolls!

Love and more love,

The Dipped Row Team

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