Care Tips for Sparkly Baubles


If you're like us and love super trendy baubles, you would want to know the best way to care for them. With a little tender loving care and by following these five methods, you'll be able to keep your jewellery looking fabulous, sparkly and at their best!

One of the best tips is to avoid exposing your precious pieces to lotions, perfumes, oil, water or any harsh chemicals. Always ensure to always take off your jewellery before applying lotions, perfumes or exposing them to water as contact with any of these is a recipe for destruction! This tip goes for everything you own whether its a ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings.

Proper storage will extend the life of your prized pieces.The best way to take care of them  is by storing your fashion jewellery in a soft pouch. Jewellery can also be stored in the box that we provide, but storing pieces individually in a bag is the best way to keep them looking their best.

We know you love your jewels, but its best if you take it off by the end of the day. Going to sleep with your beloved pieces on is a definite way to damage or break it, and it can also scratch and irritate your skin.

Make sure to read through the ingredients in your jewellery cleaner. You can use the same cleaner that you use for your fine jewellery but you would want to avoid any cleaners that contain acid, alcohol, vinegar or ammonia as they can ruin your pretty pieces. Silver jewellery can always be cleaned using a silver polish which are available at most hardware stores. Brass jewellery can be cleaned with a brass cleaner; if in doubt about your Dipped Row pieces you can always drop us a line.

It might seem like a hassle but cleaning your jewellery after each wear can make a huge difference in the way it looks and its lasting power. We recommend wiping down your jewellery with a soft cloth before storing it away.

So there you have it, our tried and tested tips to keep your baubles sparkly and clean, so they continue to shine bright!

Love and more love,

The Dipped Row Team

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