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Now, it's not so often that we come across an earring trend that's noteworthy. And if we do, it's even less likely that it's something that's wearable and something you can use every day.

Sure, we've seen the oversized ear-cuffs, some with chains and super huge spikes and what not, but those are more Rihanna than boardroom-worthy. A little not practical for us regular folk.

Here's a preview of a select few of our items, and how they look when worn:


We're crushing on ear jackets, and our assortment are the embodiment of understated chic: they're equal parts feminine, dainty and edgy. As you can see our model on the left wears the Blair Ear Jackets with aplomb, and it looks as though you've mastered the art of illusion. I mean, floating pearls cascading your ears? Who would've thought of that?


I wear my Serena Ear Jackets as a daily staple (yep, putting the usual studs on the back burner for a while). And you know what? It works for any situation. The tiny pearls and stones make it delicate enough to go from your important meeting to drinks after six. Try it! 

Another one that's a firm favourite and is just the right amount of understated chic are our Shanghai Hoop Earrings. "They're just normal hoop earrings, what's the big deal?" I hear you say. But take a look. I found that the white enamel set off by the gold detailing makes it look sophisticated, yet easy to wear. You can wear it during the day or dress it up a little and pair with a red lippie for an evening look. And really, I've had people (and happy customers) say how much wear they get out of it, and they're only RM58!

Still not sure? How about popping by our showroom to view and try on our items before buying? All you need to do is click on to make an appointment


Love and more love
Lina xoxo

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