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Skincare heaven at Dermalogica

We're all for the saying, 'love the skin you're in', in fact we've taken it quite literally.  Between the 3 of us, we have probably hoarded enough skincare to rival the beauty counters at KLCC.  We've tried and tested crazy contraptions, all which promise to dramatically improve your complexion, reverse the ageing process and change your life.  From diamond-tipped exfoliation to infra-red laser therapy, we've been there, bought the hype and sadly, the t-shirt to boot.

After lamenting about gimmicks and gadgets that failed to make an ounce of difference, we agreed that it was time to go back to basics.  What we needed was a proper diagnosis of our skin issues, intelligent skincare and a simple routine that we could follow. 

So when Dermalogica asked us to come for a Face Mapping Session at Aster Spring in Bangsar Shopping Center, it seemed as if our beauty prayers had been answered and we jumped at the chance.  

Sadly Lina got tied up at the last minute, so we decided to invite our buddy and our Front Row Dipped Doll, Magdeline Wang. (For those that don't know her, she's a popular lifestyle blogger, our favourite DJ on Fly FM and thanks to her legs that never end, we also just found out that she was a finalist for Miss Universe Malaysia 2012 - clearly a girl of many talents!)

Our gorgeous Front Row Doll, Magdeline Wang

Once we arrived, there was no messing about, our chatty Face Mapping therapist Jessie sat us all down and examined our skin. Feeling a little over-confident, we expressed our fondness for cleansing, moisturising, exfoliating and our new-found love of serums.  But as Jessie meticulously examined every inch of our face with her very intimidating face scanner, she soon pointed out key problem areas, from sensitivity and redness (Karina), a few blocked pores (Magdeline) and dehydrated skin (Azura).  

Sporting the 'shower cap' look! 

After a thorough inspection Jessie pulled out a variety of Demalogica products for us to use based on our skin-type.  She highlighted the importance of three-step cleansing, as some impurities are tougher to get rid of and often resistant to water. Using an aloe-based eye makeup remover we wiped off our makeup as the first step. This was followed by oil cleanser and a water-based cleanser to remove the remaining impurities.  The oil cleanser, called Precleanse was divine, it smelt of lavender and citrus and literally took all remnants of make-up off.  By the time we used the water-based cleanser, we felt so squeaky clean.

Precleanse - a deep cleansing oil that melts makeup and impurities from your skin 


Face Mapping Therapist Jessie examining Karina's skin

The other product we adored was the powder-form exfoliant, called Daily Mircofoliant made from rice and oat bran.  We tipped a teaspoon-full of powder, mixed it with water which automatically turned into a white paste.  After applying it on our skin, and rubbing it in circular motions, it polished our epidermis and we were left with a gorgeous glow.  No wonder Oprah can't live without this stuff! 


Our fave product had to be the Daily Mircofoliant, it left our skin feeling super smooth


Jessie showing us the proper way to cleanse your skin, circular motions ladies! 

So Dipped Dolls, if you have half an hour to spare and you're in Bangsar Shopping Center, head over to Aster Spring and try Dermalogica's Face Mapping. It's free and if you're a beauty junkie like us, you will love it.  Not only was it throughly enjoyable to dabble and test out these amazing products, but it really taught us how to use our current skincare properly, turns out we've been doing a lot of things wrong all these years!

The icing on the cake would be our glowing complexions post-Face Mapping. This must be the first time we've happily posed for a picture, completely sans makeup! Dermalogica's products clearly does what it says on the box, without any gimmicks or laser beams.  Fool-proof, intelligent skincare. Why didn't we think of that to begin with? 

Make-up free but we are glowing! These Dermalogica products were amazing! 


Love and More Love,


Azura, Karina and Maggy! xoxo


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