Cutest Halloween Costumes Ever!

I love Halloween.  There I said it.  And before the authorities go up in arms, no I am not celebrating any form of pagan worship (seriously how is that a legitimate argument?) Some people just need to lighten up, or better yet, figure out more constructive things to do with their time. (ISMA here's looking at you, kid).

Halloween is so great because it's the only time we get to dress up in ridiculous costumes, celebrate creativity and have a bit of fun! This year, we've rounded up the most adorable outfits, which are as clever as they are creative! Perfect inspiration for this year's Halloween party! 

Mousetrapped! This is genius, and did we mention totally adorable?


Make mine the cutest little latte I ever did see!

Frosties, run and hide.  Run and hide.

Little Old Lady, complete with pint-sized zimmerframe. Just. Too. Cute. 

Toddler maki anyone?


And obviously no Halloween would be complete without our IT Bags:


Our Birkin Baby... this just might be our favourite!


Wishing you Dipped Dolls a frightfully fantastic Halloween! 

Love and more love,

The Dipped Row Team xo




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