Couple Crush

Olivia Palermo really has it all.  To begin with she clinches the holy grail of the aesthetic trifecta: Skinny. Hot. Fashionable.


Just to add another dose of perfectness to her already enviable existence, she is also recently engaged to what could be the hottest male specimen on this planet.  Enter modern-day Adonis, Johannes Hubel.  


Together they form the ultimate couple crush, a duo so attractive they look as if they just stepped off a J.Crew advertisement.  Their instagram pictures depict them frolicking from one exotic destination to another, whilst looking blissfully in love and insanely attractive, all at the same time.  Naturally with these two there isn't a bad picture in sight.  Gazing at this beautiful couple as we vicariously live out their wildly glamourous existence through their pictures is quite possibly the best form of visual escapism for us mere mortals.  Scroll down and you'll see what we mean...





And we saved the best for last...




Love and more love,


The Dipped Row Team xo 


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