Bag Lust 101

Hi Dipped Dolls,

We're totally lusting after long, chain cross-body bags.  We've decided that this is the perfect city bag: a champion of minimalism, with just enough space for all the bare essentials.  

Though the-everything-but-the-kitchen-sink totes may look lovely, admittedly it's a workout in itself having to lug those beasts around town.  After experiencing a bout of shoulder spasms and having developed triceps to rival Serena Williams, we think it may be time for a change. 

Beautiful they may be, but it's all heavy lifting when you're carrying one of these


We want a cross-body bag where form meets function.  Petite yet compartmentalised so it feels like your life is still in order.  Luxurious, yet subtly so, in order to make it daytime appropriate yet totally transcends to a perfect night-time bag.  


Oh, and guess what? We found it.


Behold, the Nancy Gonzalez Mini Metallic Crocodile Cross Body Chain Bag. (Yes that's a mouthful.) We want this. We love this.  And yes, it comes in all colours, but we're completely obsessed with this metallic gunmetal number.  Oh le sigh


Is that not completely TDF?!



Even better so, it comes with separate pockets so you can organise all your essentials.  How very clever.


As this gorgeous specimen is made from luxurious crocodile skin, it retails at a hefty USD$2250.  Beg, borrow or steal, we're willing to serve time if it means getting our hands on this baby. 


Love and more love,


The Dipped Row Team xo

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